Punalu’u is a stunning black sand beach located in Ka’ū on the south side of Hawai’i Island. At sunrise, you can enjoy the beach to yourself for an intimate wedding ceremony. 

Double exposure of coconut trees over the sunrise at Punalu'u Beach.

Where is Punalu’u? 

Ka’ū is the southernmost and largest moku on the Island of Hawaii, and home to Volcanos National Park. From Ka Lae (South Point) to Kahuku Unit, there are many beautiful places to explore in this expansive area. The coastline is the largest undeveloped coast in Hawaii, and has dryland forests to lush high-elevation rainforests. 

If you’re interested in having your wedding ceremony off the beaten path away from the crowds, Ka’ū may be for you!

Punalu'u elopement photo with the coconut trees and black sand in the background.

Our favorite places to visit in Ka’ū:

The amazing thing about having your elopement in Hawaii, is it can double as your honeymoon as you soak in the beautiful culture and scenery.

Places to Eat:
Tai Shan Farms in Ocean View
Coffee Grinds in Ocean View
Punalu’u Bakery in Na’alehu
Ka Lae Coffee Shop in Na’alehu
Volcano Village in Volcano
Miranda’s Coffee Farm near Ka Lae

Kahuku Unit
Volcanos National Park
Ka Lae (Southpoint) 

Ocean View Swap Meet (Saturday mornings by Malama Market)
Na’alehu Farmers Market (Wednesday mornings  (mauka side of the highway) 

  Wai'ala wrapping the bouquet with her hand dyed botanical wrap.  A bouquet made by flowers from Misty Mountain Homestead perfect for the sunrise wedding. JJ leaning in to kiss Wai'ala during their elopement on Punalu'u Black Sand Beach. Bride smiling with her bouquet during Punalu'u wedding elopement.

 What is the permit process to get married at Punalu’u?

You will need a permit to have your wedding ceremony at Punalu’u Beach. At Cadencia Weddings, we are experts at planning weddings in Hawaii and crafting together the perfect day. We do things legally and pono, and pulling a permit is apart of the process. Contact us about your wedding vision, and we’ll sit up a call with you to chat about all the details!

Couple standing in the grass with sun shining and giving a flare in the background. Couple standing during wedding at Punalu'u black sand beach.

Ready for your Big Island elopement? Get in touch with us to chat more!

Mahalo to Misty Mountain Homestead for these gorgeous, locally grown Ka’ū flowers!

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  1. Loving these photos and flowers just as much!! So much talent capturing people in their intimate moments you are such a gift!!