A trip to the Hawaiian islands is about disconnecting to reconnect to the ‘āina (land) in a fresh, new way. It’s about freeing your spirit, learning about Hawaiian culture, opening yourself up to new adventures. It’s about stepping outside your ordinary, day-to-day and resting in the most authentic parts of yourself.

And to ensure that your photography experience is inspired by these realities, I have placed three words at the heart of my mission: spontaneity, emotion, and serenity.


Unguarded human connection is one of the most beautiful gifts we can give to one another, and because of this, I live for opportunities to document it in action. To ensure that you feel comfortable and free, I create space for you to be vulnerable (and have a blast!) during our photography session. This way, your true personality and unique connection with your love will be sincerely showcased in every photograph we take. 


From the way your eyes lock to full-on butterflies you get while laughing together, the artful documentation of your connection allows for emotions to shine and shift like a kaleidoscope. By getting to your story before our session, we can create an experience that best reflects the emotions that feel true to who you are. Let’s create photographs you won’t just see; you’ll feel. 


Finally, by creating a “no pressure” atmosphere during our session, we will find moments of calm in the chaos, while celebrating the beauty of simply existing together. There are no right or wrong ways to tell the story of your love, and leaning into the mystery is where the magic happens. So let’s get creative, try new things, and embrace the tranquility of the islands we love. 


I live in the little northshore town of Pā'ia on Maui! but you can catch me documenting love all over the Hawaiian islands and continent. I've documented weddings on the West Coast, Mexico and on all of the islands! 



My joy is witnessing your unique story and documenting your memories so you are reminded of the magic of being human and the power of love!

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Heck yes! Kama'aina, please email me and lets chat! 

do you give a discount for locals? 

YES! I'm all about the skin-to-skin and organic feels. creating a safe-space to cuddle up with your lover on the beach or your home is what I'm all about. 

you have a lot of sexy photos, can we do something like that? 

I'm always down to hop on a plane and come to your love! I require a roundtrip plane ticket from Maui to you, a rental car, and two night hotel. if you're looking international, email me for a custom quote!

how do your travel packages work? 





Yes, yes, yes! My LGBQT+ couples get all the love from me. I have photographed same-sex couples not only on Maui, but around the world. 

do you photograph same sex couples? 

Absolutely! I know all of the best vendors in Hawai'i to make your day and absolute dream, including florals, officiants, and hair and make up. I also offer all-inclusive packages to plan your wedding from start to finish! 


No! when visiting a special place like Maui, it's important to respect the Hawaiian culture and only go to places that are pono and legal. I have lived here for 10 years, and take Hawaiian language + culture classes at the university, as well as volunteer and immerse myself in indigenous community projects. 

I'm here as a guide on how to be a respectful malihini (visitor), and will recommend the appropriate spots and also help with permitting for beach elopements! I have your back!

can we go traverse any random waterfall for our photos? 

YES! My fav. Check out my other site, HERE and get ready for a heaps of magical keiki moments. 

do you photograph families and maternity? 


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